High flow, low-pressure helical gear pumps for lubrication circuits.

Rickmeier manufactures gear pumps, valves and industrial lubrication systems.

Rickmeier products are widely used in diesel engines, gas turbines, industrial vehicles and plants, chemical plants, wind turbines, shipbuilding, power plants, printing machines, textile machines, machine tools and in all applications where high reliability and safety are required.


  • Helical gear pumps for lubricating or conveying liquids, for use with mineral oils or other lubricating media. Available displacements from 2,5 to 1.400 cm3/n. Max. pressure 2,5 MPa.
  • Direct acting or piloted pressure control valves for lubrication circuits.
  • Complete lubrication and cooling systems for gearboxes or bearings according to customer specifications.
  • Development of special pumps and valves for lubrication systems or fluids transportation according to customer requirements.


Cooperation with HANSA-TMP since 1986.

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Stay updated on all the news